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Ads from the past 290: Wheel of Fortune

By : famicomfreak

Why would anybody make a game on this? The show is boring as fuck! Do you really think anyone wants to play Wheel of torture on the Sega CD???? Really, this was supposed to enhance the graphics and make killer games. Sega, again, you made me poop out of my mouth! 

Ads from the past 289: Top Gear 2 (Genesis)

By : famicomfreak
 This is probably the best racing game for the Genesis. I'm not even sure if anything but the prequel to this game comes close but there is nothing like it. I'm sorry if you feel different but this is just an amazing game if it were for the SNES!! The Genesis version is forgettable. Sega, you blew me the wrong way!

Ads from the past 288: Star Trek

By : famicomfreak
 The Star Trek games were quite awful. No offense if you were into them but I just wanted to shoot myself whenever I tried to play this. To top it off, they were portable games for handhelds with horrible resolution! Just go and try them on the original handhelds and tell me you won't go blind!! GO!

Ads from the past 287: Panic! (Sega CD)

By : famicomfreak

I definitely remember this ad as it's quite disgusting. I don't even know what the game is about but I do know that a pretty awesome company called Data East released it. Either way, this guy disgusts me and I hope he's dead. Ok fine, he's not disgusting but I want him not breathing anymore!

Bootleg Game of the Week 076: Earthworm Jim 2 (FC)

By : famicomfreak
 I never imagined this game would make its way to the Famicom. Of course it wouldn't! The game is another bootleg of the bunch. It's not as fun as the original but you know what? It's good enough. You gotta gave them credit, at least they got the title screen right. I'm not sure about the rest though....

The music of this game sucks! The sounds suck! It doesn't help that the game is hard to look at which we will go over in the next segment. This is just awful...
The graphics are just as bad as the sound of the game. Ok, they got the title screen right but Earthworm Jim looks like he is on his last legs. The enemies are also flashing a lot at times which makes them quite annoying to get rid of. It's just all broken...
The gameplay leaves a lot to wish for in this game. Unless you like pain, don't get into this one. As many bootleg platformers, this one suffers just like them. It's like they decided to use the same painful platformer ethics in every game to make it harder to beat, therefore more frustrating but not easy enough to get through and ask for a refund. I think this quite covers it...
Would you really replay something that might or might not turn you blind? Yeah, this is painful! I think a combination of crappy music and bad color scheme really piss me off. Either way, it's not worth a replay ever!
The game leaves a lot on the table and doesn't offer enough to be one to be in your collection unless you're a crazy Earthwormjim fan which I will understand completely.  Till next week! 

Game-bit of the day 282: Myst 3 Exile (PS2)

By : famicomfreak
This is a beautiful game. You can explore the gorgeous world of Myst. I don't think games like these get enough credit especially because you don't shoot and blow heads off monsters and what not. It's a sad reality and the reason we haven't gotten anything like this in a while!

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