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Posted by : Unknown Dec 3, 2014

 One of the most interesting games I've seen on the original Playstation is definitely Vib-Ribbon. The game is quite interesting and cute! It's so simple yet so fun. It's sad they don't make games like these anymore but that's why play the classics. We won't have to look far for awesomeness, just back. Vib-Ribbon is a game where you guide your heroine through a path successfully. Of course, it's full of obstacles and that's when you come in. Care to try it out?

The sound of this game is actually very awesome. You can't complain when playing this game. It's already very appealing by being black and white for the most part. Lets just say, you won't have to mute the game.
 The graphics are unusual as you can see but fit correctly to the game believe it or not. The game looks awesome and moves awesome. You can't get any better than this. This is a huge lesson that graphics don't mean shit especially when they're done nifty and right.
The gameplay is probably the best factor of this game. It's god-like awesome and gets challenging as you go along. Do you really need another reason to play this game? 
The replay value is high! You can't get any better on the Playstation than this! If anything, it's a shame this game was never released here but I heard it's out of the PSN so I guess you can download it. I rather import it but that's just me. 
This is just awesome~! There is no doubt that this must be in your collection. I can't think of a reason for you not to get this unless you hate the colors black and white and hate having fun! Till next week! 

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