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Posted by : famicomfreak Dec 25, 2014

 This game has been in multiple platforms including the SNES and Genesis so why not take a look at the weaker one of the bunch. The Famicom version is actually not bad and lots of fun to play. The game gets very repetitive and boring after a while though. There is just something boring about Pikachu going through the same forest over and over. The power up shock ability is a good plus but doesn't make it that much more enjoyable. Care to see how it ranks up?
The music of this game is annoying!!! I'm not even kidding. Just hit mute! There aren't many more sounds to listen to after that. There is no "pikachu" voice or anything like that. Move along...
The game does have some decent graphics. Yeah, this game is actually pretty awesome to look at. Some of your enemies are even familiar pokemon but then there are some others that just look like they were born deformed. Nevertheless, it's a good looking game and Pikachu is yellow!
The gameplay is difficult and Pikachu tends to fall off a lot. It's only normal for a bootleg to have these faults which is totally understandable. The game does offer good enough content to make it enjoyable for a bit. The problems with the gameplay doesn't stop it from being playable, it's as simple as that.
The game is fun to play through but not something that should be played on a regular basis unless you have a Pikachu fetish. Either way, it's a good game to show off your Poke-friends.
This game would make an awesome addition to your collection mainly because it's Pokemon and it's a bootleg and it's actually not the worst one around. Till next week!

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