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Posted by : Unknown Dec 18, 2014

 What in the world is this???? Just when you think you've seen all the weird hacks and mods of a game, you get this and your mind blows up yet again. Ok, As you can see and if you're familiar with it, this is the game Mickey Mania but for the Famicom! Yeah, I already knew the game was ported to the Famicom as I have a copy myself in NES form but to add Buster Bunny in the mix and call it China Rabbit Baby! You Chinese never seize to amaze me! Anyways, lets take a look at what China Rabbit Baby has to offer...probably not much...
The sound of the game is awful especially when you compare it to the 16-bit version. Why would you want to put this in 8-bits??? Also, what the hell is Buster Bunny doing in all this mix!! AHHHHHH!!
So first you call it something like China Rabbit Baby and then you can't even get Buster's colors right? Fuck this shit you Chinese bastards! There is no way I can approve of such lazy work. Graphics are terrible not only because it's a chopped up copy of a 16-bit gem, but also because Buster is yellow!
Gameplay suffers a lot in this game. It's choppy and the platforms will disappear at times. There was a reason why this game was released on the later consoles. There is just so much going on that the lifeless worlds you get to play here don't do justice...
There is no way I could recommend you playing this crap after a first run. NOPE!
This is just another one of the many lazy hacks I've posted about but it should still be shown so that people are aware of its existence. I can't recommend it though... 

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