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Posted by : Unknown Dec 11, 2014

 Well, Mario seems to be everywhere nowadays. This time he has entered the world of Hello Kitty. This fat bastard just doesn't know when to call it quits! Anyways, the asshole decided to start playing a Bomberman style game with balloons and he sucks at it. Lets check out what this "new" adventure ranks up....speaking of which, what the hell happened to Bowser on the title screen???
 "I think that's Luigi!"
The music has been left untouched. It's alright but you never know the feeling of a Mario game until you hear the Mario tunes. In contrast, this is no Mario game especially with Hello Kitty music from the Kero games.

Graphics are pretty lazy once more. The only things I've seen changed so far is Mario which looks like Luigi because he's green! The thing is, that's supposed to be Kero and he's green. The lazy bastard hacker of this game didn't even bother to get the colors right. So lets just say, Mario ate Luigi and decided to use his clothes. Yeah, that works!
The game is actually really fun. I don't mind using the fake plumber at all. It does feel like a rejected Luigi game. Get over yourself! The Year of Luigi is long gone!
It's a puzzle type of game I guess. It's worth a playthrough if you like to play with balloons and I'm not talking about the ones for sex. Although, children, you must wear them for nice safe sex. OH yeah the game replay value is OK!
If you like Hello Kitty then why not! If you like Ma-Luigi then why not! It's a fun game overall but not enough hacking done to it to make it unique. I'm still wondering about that Bowser statue at the title screen....is Bowser dead? Till next week! 

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