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Posted by : famicomfreak Dec 4, 2014

 Just when you think you've seen it all something like this appears in front of you and you get curious once again. Welcome to Hero Mali Brothers! This is a hack of Little Ninja Brothers if you haven't noticed the similarity in the title screens. Anyways, this game is a simple graphic hack of Little Ninja Brothers except with Mario & Luigi. But wait a sec, was Nintendo trying to say that Little Ninja Brothers is a hack of Mario?? Perhaps, Ok, not really because who knows the individual who decided to hack the original game and plant Mario & Luigi into this game. Lets check it out anyways! 

 "Mario looks messed up! or is that Luigi?"

Music hasn't been changed one bit. What we should look at these types of games is the graphical interface. Either way, wouldn't it have been awesome to hear some Mario tunes in this game? I agree with myself!

Graphics are actually impressive just look below! it's Ryu and Jack! It just looks like two Marios, one more messed up than the other.

 The game does a decent job at making you feel like you're somewhat playing a Mario game. At least they struck some notes right.
The gameplay is as fun as the original. You know what? It's even more fun because it involves Mario characters. You gotta give it to them, Mario sells! 
Well, the game itself is lots of fun and replaying it as Mario & Luigi doesn't sound like the worse of situations. I say, go for it!
This is just another lazy graphical hack although it's better than most out there. You can play as Ninja Mario and Ninja Luigi. What more could you want? Till next week! 

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