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Posted by : famicomfreak Nov 5, 2014



So here we are, the first working English version of The Screamer is out!
There is still work to do though and I’d love your help! If anyone wants to give me a hand, it’s quite easy: just play through the game, and if you encounter anything shady take a screenshot and post it on my forum project page which is listed below.
The current projects forum page is located here
What you can encounter:
  • Sentences still in Japanese
  • Unrevised English
  • Unreadable mess
  • Technical problems
Problems known for now:
- Sentence in Japanese when you exit BIAS - I’m on it. - Word missing in the read-me. - Change the name of the game: it’s not JP anymore! - Add Num Lock for 5-num in read-me
If you can help me reformulate some sentences, I’d love the help.
If you need any other info on the game please ask on the forum page listed above and I’ll give my best to answer
Like many ported games, you’ll need to throttle down the speed on Anex86 to about 500,000 or so to play it normally.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Screamer, The (1985)(Magical Zoo)(JP).FDD
  • CRC32: 3E249C9D
  • MD5: FD8F5A6CF901A339A7B5F1EC6F10A600
  • SHA-1: D26EF7CC6768F6B2E399174F6F32C48514082D3B
  • SHA-256: E24272ECA0AA28FCC2B958F816C066CBBB66DD57B142CE60E7502D3D270116BA"

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