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Posted by : famicomfreak Nov 13, 2014

 This is the sequel the first game definitely deserved. The game takes on a more adventurous and longer quest with RPG elements introduced all together. The game is difficult especially if you are playing with a friend but it will require a lot of teamwork to get through this awesome quest in the Lost Tropics. 

The music has the same beautiful charm the first game held. Each tune is quite joyful and go well with each stage of the game. The sounds are also spot on in a game full of multiple enemies and items.
The graphics are beautiful! Data East, you're highly missed! Games like these are not around anymore and it's just sad. The game backgrounds are full of life and everything is just colorful and beautiful. 
The gameplay is tough! This game will not be an easy task especially if you decide to take on the quest with two players. This is just an amazing game nonetheless! With practice, you'll be able to get through the game though. You won't be ripping your hair off. I love how you can team up with your buddy to reach places you can't reach if you're venturing alone. That's one of the big pluses in this game. 
Game is not extremely long and it's just perfect to play with someone just for kicks. It's a wonderful adventure of two caveman looking for treasure. Who wouldn't want to play that?
This is a sweet gem that needs to be loved more! A lot of people don't talk about it you know! We didn't even got a third installment of this series. Is the time coming near for one? Guess we will have to wait and see...

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