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Posted by : famicomfreak Nov 21, 2014

 A lot of different stops and lots of interesting pick ups. I have to thank the retro gods for the findings I've been having lately as they can be very difficult. I hope I can keep scoring like this. Lets take a look! 
 I picked up this Krang at a Toys R Us because I am missing this one from my collection! I wonder if there are others!
 Consoles are always welcomed to my lair! Nintendo Wii and Sega Genesis! 
 Portables are always welcomed too! Lets get more! 
 Here are other random items. The X-band was supposed to be for the Genesis to be able to play online. Isn't that awesome?
 A huge array of portable goodies. 
 Contra is the winner in this lot. 
SNES is always a winner under my book!

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