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Posted by : famicomfreak Nov 27, 2014

There are an abundant amount of fighting games and this one is just another one of the bunch. This one comes with a lot of fighters but like other bootleg fighting games, they're mostly the same characters over and over. Nevertheless, you can play as your favorite Fatal Fury fighters! Terry is my favorite if you haven't noticed. Lets check out this bootleg fighter megamix!
The music is forgettable. The game doesn't offer the quality music the original games do and that's where the comparison starts. The sound effects are almost non existent and there are no voice overs implemented into it. It's a bad quality bootleg.
Graphics are decent mainly because they actually made the characters look like their original counterparts. I'm also shocked at the names as they got them correct for the most part. It's not the worst game to look at!
The gameplay really falls short in this game. Just like many of the other fighters I've come across, there is a reason why there weren't released for the 8-bit console. You won't have much fun especially when your punches hit the enemy but nothing happens. A more improved fighting engine would've helped.
The game itself is just nice to look at but not nice to play. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're drunk and want to waste your time hitting the air. 
This is not a must have. It's a very weak attempt at a fighting game. The big screen of characters which more than half of them being the same doesn't help. With weak gameplay, this game is far from being wanted. It's still a very interesting collectible. Till next week! 

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