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Posted by : Unknown Nov 13, 2014

 There are many bootleg Mario games and this one kind of makes some sense. If you think about it, it's Mario delivering pizzas and he is from Italian blood so it would fit into the story. Perhaps he was kicked out of the mushroom kingdom and decided to go back to Brooklyn and make an honest buck. Either way, this game is a lot of fun and the Mario glued in it makes it even more fun. A good bootleg game?
Of course, the hackers of this game were savvy enough to keep the music as it is because it's really good. Sound effects are also pretty good and they all fit accordingly. 
Well, they go Mario right at least. Even his colors are quite good. It looks like they used the sprites from the third Mario game which is reasonable as it's the best looking Mario of its time. The levels are well done but it could have used a few gombas here and there. Maybe a koopa shell?

The gameplay is definitely fun. You will want to beat this game in one sitting which is fine because it's quite fun and easy to pick up and play. Once you realized (If you haven't already) that you're playing as Mario and are throwing pizza, you'll definitely realize how much fun this game can be.
This is definitely a game to pick up and play over and over. It's fun and simple so why not?
This is a must have for any bootleg collector. It's unique and bizarre but it holds up some Mario charm in it. The game fits well and plays well. I highly recommend it. 

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