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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 19, 2014

"Various ancient legends have been recorded of a young boy clothed in green, wielding the mythical master sword, sealing away all evil throughout the land. His ventures, passed down through generations have become legend. The hero of legend, had many different forms. He saved many kingdoms, restoring peace in all the lands. This is but one of the legends, of which the people speak…
Here is a ROM hack for the Legend of Zelda which has had many hours put into it (just shy of 3 years), ASM and coding changes, and graphics overhauls. New items have replaced the old ones in the original game and new concepts have been used in the game such as pitfalls, dash boots, the use of the hammer, and many more changes have been added to give the game a much new feel to it. Also the inclusion of the Capcom sound engine is another welcome change that has been added to the game.
For more details on the patch and how the project progressed over time please visit this site to take a look at how it started and how it came to its closing end.
Please use Lunar IPS, for patching & make sure you use the PRG0 version of the ROM otherwise the ROM will not work properly. Enjoy!
Now for the rom specs Converted from MMC1 to MMC5 1MB PRG-ROM 1MB CHR-ROM 8KB SRAM Inserted custom MMC5 irq engine Installed custom modified Capcom 6C80 Sound Engine, with DPCM usage
Will this work on…? This game will NOT work on the N8 Everdrive, or PowerPak’s. The N8 Everdrive uses 512kb PRG & CHR-ROM. I contacted the creator, but he wasn’t interested in creating a revision to his product. PowerPak’s are in the same boat. Loopy’s MMC5 patch works on MMC5 games, but, my work is too large for it to handle.
The game has been tested on the following emulators
  • Nestopia PC
  • Nintendulator PC v0.975 Unofficial Release
  • Nintendulator PC v0.970 Official Release
  • nesDS Special Build
  • Retroarch Using Nestopia Core Wii/WiiU
  • (Android Users) - NESEmu
There is a fast way to learn if my rom will play perfectly on an emulator you use. Watch the intro after the title screen fades away. I have a golden scroll moving up the screen. If that scroll & text comes up garbage, then you should stop playing unfortunately. This is because the emulator you are using, is not utilizing the MMC5 register $5130 correctly. I perform chr swaps for 3 specific things, the intro, a mini game, and the Ganon fight. If you continue to play the game with the garbaged gfx, it will obviously look bad, and it might even crash."

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