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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 10, 2014

This is one of the early gems the SNES offered that set up a foundation for other games to be released and flourished the console with even more gems. Joe & Mac is what everyone could ask for in a Caveman game. There is not only a very fun adventure and great music along with amazing gameplay, but you can do it with a friend. Two player mode is what makes this game something else. Lets take a look. 

The music sets this game and gives it a very upbeat feel. The sounds are quirky and funny. The game itself is a joy to listen to, as a matter of fact, it should be illegal to have this game on mute.

Graphic-wise this game looks amazing. For an early SNES game, it was quite detailed. The SNES started to show us what it can do very early in its life and this game was just the beginning.  
With a two player mode, you'll have a lot of fun playing together. Be sure to use teamwork. One player mode is also fun but you can definitely have more fun if you play it with a friend, just don't fight over silly stuff. 
This game is short and fun. It keeps you going all the way to the end and does present you with many challenges that you might not be able to get through in your first run. In other words, it does have a great replay value factor. I'm impressed. 
For a game that's not really that rare, it's totally worth picking up. This is as much fun and easy going game you'll find. The SNES sure got game!

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