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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 3, 2014

It's that time again! This week we have a very underrated gem called Street Racer for the SNES! Why the SNES version? Because it's the one I was able to give a better view on although I heard the other versions for the Sega Saturn and Playstation are quite good but I will stick with this one. Lets check it out!

The music is not amazing but it does the job to entertain you. They found a way to mix up the music with the levels in a very odd but fair way if that makes any sense. It just makes sense! 

The graphics aren't the best for the console but you definitely know where you are at all times. The game does have similarities to Super Mario Kart. You'll find the tracks to be quite familiar but there is a lot of more than that to look at. The characters are pretty unique in their own way. They all have a different feel! 

The gameplay is tough but good. You'll get sucked into it quite easily but will find it unfair at times. Isn't that the same with Mario Kart though? Overall, the controls are tight on certain racers while others are quite loose. This is a genius aspect of the game as a gamer will assimilate better to the control of one driver over the other. Very good! 

This game will keep you coming back for more! It's definitely replay value to the max! The multiplayer is fun as well! 

A nice little hidden gem that should not be ignored. You can also play this game up to four players! Isn't that awesome? 

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