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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 10, 2014

 Are you ready for another crapfest? Pokemon Green for the Famicom went a little too far. I mean, you didn't had to paint the poor Cleafary green for crying out loud! As a matter of fact, that Cleafary looks stuffed so it must be dead and painted. Pokemon Green is a sorry excuse of a hack to try to reel in money for lazy bootlegers.... ugh! Lets take a look! 

The music is fine and all but it's nothing Pokemon like. The thing is that this game is a simple hack of a Kero Kero game from the Hello Kitty franchise. Very lazy by the bootlegers...

The lazy bastards only decided to changed the frog into a green Cleafary which makes a lot of sense as to why the Cleafary is green. They couldn't even bother to change the palette to turn it pink. Bootlegs like these really grinds my gears...
The gameplay is decent and I will definitely not take any points out because it's a sorry ass hack. The game is actually decent but that's because it's a fun side scroller game. 
There isn't much to replay unless you like playing a weak hack of a Kero Kero game. If you like seeing Cleafary in green, if that's how kinky you are then yeah go play this game. 
Not worth your time! I don't think there are many words to describe this! STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!! You'll turn green like a turd! 

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