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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 21, 2014

"There’s a good chunk of my childhood in here. Actually, I was already in High School when I got it (first year), so it wasn’t really my childhood, but it still took a good chunk of my time and I have fond memories of getting lost through it. It was my introduction to Dragon Quest and it even expanded my vocabulary by at least one word (It taught me what a shoal was).
I think the graphics in this version are very good and impressive for a Gameboy Color game and I prefer some of the subtlety in some of the sprites to the SNES’s. They’re certainly the most impressive GBC graphics short of Alone in the Dark and are certainly the clearest of any GBC game, period. Which is really all that matters when it comes to graphics: you’ll always know what every tile is.
Sound is good for a GBC game. All the classic sound effects are here, the beautiful Dragon Quest music is here. It’s all good. It’s obviously inferior to the SNES’s sound, but not by much.
Battles are turn-based, but are normally pretty quick. They’re not as quick as Dragon Quest I+II’s because of the animated monsters, but it still pretty quick. You can always target anyone in the battle, which means you can heal enemies if you so chose to, or hurt allies if you feel inclined to. They can get a bit overwhelming because of the encounter rate, but that’s why you should never take really long sessions through it.
The story is a bit bland and is just an excuse for you to go exploring the world. You dad was going to kill the bad guy, but he’s gone missing. So the king decides that a barely 16 kid is the world’s next best hope and sends you off. But before that, you have to create party members! You can make a Soldier, Fighter, Mages, Cleric, Dealer, Clown, or Thief. Once you have your three companions, it’s off you go into the world of Dragon Quest III to find your dad and save the world.
And in the process of saving the world, you will be mauled, beaten, violated, and just be made to cry while you lick your wounds. It’s a brutally hard game, although I think the SNES version manages to be more brutal than this one (and I imagine the NES version being the most brutal).
I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good old fashioned RPG. I would not play this version over the SNES version, though, nostalgia and all. Although I like the simplicity of the graphics in this version, the SNES version just has overall superior graphics and sound. It might be lacking the monster coin thing from the GBC version, but I never bothered with that and I doubt too many people really cared about it"

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