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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 11, 2014

This is another wacky Mario hack. This one is based on the Jacke Chan video game for the NES. It's quite simple though, the sprite has once again been changed to a Mario one although in this case he's skinny! This is Mario in his younger years perhaps? Nevertheless, the game is fun if you put that aside but I think you would be better off playing the original don't you think?

The music is decent. The game is based on the Jackie Chan game although Jackie Chan never had any type of music to remember him by from movies or anything. In the end, it's just decent music to play through...
The graphics are good. The game came out in the early 90s so it's definitely something good to look at. The hacked Mario sprite on the other hand looks weird. It's just Jacke Chan's body with a big Mario head. He looks like a Mexican to be honest..
The gameplay is enjoyable but it's nothing amazing. You go through the level beating frogs and random people around until the end you fight a dragon. It's fun but nothing spectacular. 
The game is only good for casual play. You won't find many reasons to come back it unless you want to see Mario's big Mexican head once again. It's all this game is good for. 

It's an OK hack but lazy for the most part. This is one of the games you can pick up and play if you're drunk and want to laugh at it with friends. It'll make a good conversation piece to fellow gamers but other than that, it's just a simple hack with a gigantic Mario head put into it. 

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