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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 4, 2014

There were many Mario hacks out back in the early 90s and this is one of the better ones. It's basically a hack of the game Armadillo for the Famicom. You play as Mario and can turn into a ball. It's a sidescroller so adding Mario into the mix makes lots of sense. As far as I know, only the title screen and the Armadillo sprite are the only things hacked in the game. Lets take a loot at its other factors...

The music is fun although it's no Mario music it definitely does the job to keep you entertained. Of course, it's a pirate so we can't give all the credit to Mario as it's just a hack. 

The graphics are good as it was one of the later Famicom titles to be released. The Mario sprites are quite good and the title screen does justice to what this is. I'm not even sure where that Mario came out from but it's all good. The levels are well designed and detailed. 

The game is just fun to play. It has a lot of mechanics especially when you turn into a ball and defeat all the bad guys! It can get very challenging along the way but it's a fun game nonetheless. You won't lose your mind ! 
The game is just another one in the list to pick up and play. The game is very easy going and fun overall. It's too bad it's only one player because a two player option would've made it more enjoyable. 

This is one of the better Mario bootlegs of them all. It's a lot of fun and definitely one to pick up if you ever see it. You can't go wrong with it! ^_^

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