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Posted by : Luis Zena May 27, 2014

Harry's Legend is a piece of crap! Then again, we might as well give it a chance since it was made by well who knows!! The game itself is brutal but how brutal can it get? Will it make you cast a suicidal spell on yourself? Will you rip your brain off from the annoyance of the tunes? Will you survive Harry's Legend?
Find out now! 

The music will make you wish you were deaf! There is nothing good from it. It's repetitive, but it's the bad kind of repetitive...I cannot stand it! I hope you can. The sound effects are also crappy. This game is crap! 

Graphic-wise, this game is actually decent. The creators made a good effort to make Harry look like Harry and succeeded. The levels are a little confusing at first but look decent. I went easy on this game in this category...

The gameplay will annoy you the most. You will fight a fat kid over and over and over..You're always at a disadvantage. No wonder instead of three lives, you get like eight but that all depends on which game you have. Some copies do come with handicaps.

If you want to die of a heart attack then you'll go back and play this piece of excrement! 

Why are you even reading this? You should've come with your own conclusion by now. Stay away from this game. If you ever run into it, you better put it away under your bed. I can't recommend this piece of crap! Die Harry die! 

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