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Retro Gaming News: Arkanoid - Chinese Edition

By : famicomfreak

"Here is a ROM hack for Arkanoid with levels based around Chinese themes, originally it was made on a Chinese-language Japanese ROM for Arkanoid that was missing the second graphics bank needed for the DOH battle at the end of the game. To make it more stable, it has since been relocated to a US ROM with a few additional upgrades. It is now in full English, the levels are slightly altered, and it is now possible to have a black block."

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Finds 758: No Label Pokemon Games and Halo!

By : famicomfreak
Here are some games I picked up. I just couldn't say no to Pokemon Emerald. I will have to create labels for these but they will look nice. I also picked up another Halo game and Kingdom Hearts games for the Nintendo DS and GBA. Lots of goodies..

Finds 757: A Lot of Hunting, A Lot of Loot!

By : famicomfreak
I hit so many places in this latest loot it was crazy! I was even given free Yu-gi-oh! cards! I was able to pick up a little bit of everything. You know how much I love those kind of lots. Some of the highlights were Nintendo DSI, Zelda 64, Magna Carta Collector's Edition, and Pokemon Emerald Guide. There is just so much to show! 

Retro Gaming Life Shoppe is Now Online!

By : famicomfreak
It's been well overdue but the online store is finally up. I have some items up but will be adding more and more as time goes. You'll definitely see stuff in my findings on there. There is tons to add so stay tuned! The little photo here explains to you where the store link is if you can't figure it out. Thank you! 

Finds 756: Halo and Nintendo DS!

By : famicomfreak
I had a crappy day but it had a good finish. I took a gamble on a DS that didn't turned on at all and had pencil marks all over it. After a little cleaning and charging, it successfully turned on. That made my day...

Pokemon Card of the Week 002: Luxray

By : famicomfreak
Here is this week's Pokemon card. It's Luxray! I always loved electric type Pokemon as some of them carry many mysteries. The artwork on this card is top notch nonetheless. The Shock Bolt attack is quite strong too! Till next week! 

Yu-gi-oh! Card of the Week 002: Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer LON-062

By : famicomfreak
This is a quick update but I needed to catch up after the crazy memorial day weekend. This is Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer! It's great against decks that need their graveyard to survive so it's always a good idea to keep one at least in your side deck. With 1800 attack points, it can carry quite a punch. Also, the effect to remove from play monsters after a successful attack just makes it even more useful. 

Pirate Game of the Week 063: Harry's Legend (FC)

By : famicomfreak
Harry's Legend is a piece of crap! Then again, we might as well give it a chance since it was made by well who knows!! The game itself is brutal but how brutal can it get? Will it make you cast a suicidal spell on yourself? Will you rip your brain off from the annoyance of the tunes? Will you survive Harry's Legend?
Find out now! 

The music will make you wish you were deaf! There is nothing good from it. It's repetitive, but it's the bad kind of repetitive...I cannot stand it! I hope you can. The sound effects are also crappy. This game is crap! 

Graphic-wise, this game is actually decent. The creators made a good effort to make Harry look like Harry and succeeded. The levels are a little confusing at first but look decent. I went easy on this game in this category...

The gameplay will annoy you the most. You will fight a fat kid over and over and over..You're always at a disadvantage. No wonder instead of three lives, you get like eight but that all depends on which game you have. Some copies do come with handicaps.

If you want to die of a heart attack then you'll go back and play this piece of excrement! 

Why are you even reading this? You should've come with your own conclusion by now. Stay away from this game. If you ever run into it, you better put it away under your bed. I can't recommend this piece of crap! Die Harry die! 

Retro Game of the Week 134: Sonic (SMS)

By : famicomfreak
We are back again with another retro pick of the week. We have to make these a little more frequent you know, after all this is a weekly post. Anyways, this week we have Sonic for the Sega Master System. Why this version? Because it's definitely one to play. Of course, it's graphically inferior than the Genesis version we all know but it's quite rare to find the US version around these woods. The game overall is not bad until you compare it to its more powerful predecessor. Enough talk, it's a Sonic game after all so it can't be that bad right? OK, I take that back...

Sonic music in 8-bit sound is actually quite enjoyable but it's definitely not for everyone. The sound effects are also a bit bland. I'm getting to understand why Sega didn't released this game massively in the USA.

The graphics are quite good for a Master System game. Sonic looks like Sonic and not like a blob. The backgrounds and graphics of the stages are a hit. You never feel like you'll jump into a fake wall or something. There isn't that much distortion if there are too many things going on in the game so that's a well deserved thumbs up. 

The gameplay is easy. Sonic games for the Genesis were just as easy as pick up and play. They are fast and fun. This one requires a little bit more strategy and jumping without having to go as fast as the speed of light. It's still fun in the end, it is classic Sonic after all. 

Like many of the older Sonic games, this one is well worth a replay especially if you want to challenge yourself with your own goals like not taking a hit per level or collecting all the rings. Sonic games can be addictive too you know.. 

It's the first Sonic game and it's fun. What else is there more to say about this gem? It's just really enjoyable! I suggest you get the European version as it's the same thing and a lot cheaper!

Ads from the past 272: Space Ace (3DO)

By : famicomfreak
 Here is another popular game for the long forgotten 3DO. Space is was an animated game something like Dragon's Lair but not as popular. I'm not sure but I think there was an arcade cabinet based on this game as well. 

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