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Ads from the past 271: Bubsy 2

By : famicomfreak

 This is one cool cat! The first game was pretty amazing! The second one wasn't as good, but sadly this would be his last amazing game as the third one totally destroyed the franchise and killed the cat...Some things weren't meant to go 3D...

Retro Gaming News: Freddy Vs. Jason

By : famicomfreak


Nobody’s safe in this hack of Friday the 13th. You now play as Freddy Krueger as you take on Jason Voorhies. Most people complain that the original Friday the 13th was way too hard, so the difficulty has been changed so that everyone can enjoy. Download now!"

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Ads from the past 270: Ultima 2 Runes of Virtue

By : famicomfreak
 Another ad this week and this one is from the Ultima series. There were a lot of games in this series and it was no surprise that they would be ported to the home consoles. They were originally for PC, and were some of the more memorable games around. Classic RPG at its fullest! 

Finds 719: Playstation Display and Other Goodies!

By : famicomfreak
Here are a bunch of things I was able to pick up from a local reseller. There is a set of Mortal Kombats, Super Mario Bros 3, Controllers, Saturn Gun, Master System, and some Atari games. The Zelda Master Collection was from a pick up from earlier that day. Good stuff! 

Finds 718: Zelda Four Swords is Mine!

By : famicomfreak
One of the best things about working at a game store is that eventually something arrives that's been evading you for so long. This is that something! I just know I had to have it! I need friends to play this game with! 

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