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Posted by : Luis Zena Mar 7, 2014

This week we have a classic of classics. Bubble Bobble for the NES is just amazing. The game is lots of fun and forces you to use team work in order to finish the game. Yes, you must beat this game with a partner or you won't get the real ending. Overall, this game ranks up there in the top of the list as it's an never ending fun classic. If you haven't tried the Bubble Bobble series, this is your chance!

You only have a couple of soundtracks in the game but you are definitely not going to mind as they are quite enjoyable. The sound effects are few but lets be honest, back then you didn't needed any of the fancy gimmicks you hear in video games nowadays. That's what makes these games classics and in a class of their own.

The graphics are quite adorable as you guide your dinosaur into endless puzzle mazes. The game has decent graphics and does a great job at portraying the bad guys as what they are, bad guys.

 The gameplay is one of the highest points in this game. The game is even more enjoyable if you play it with someone else because team work is always better! Not only that, you two will have to survive till the final level and on to get the real ending. Isn't that something? The gameplay is quite simple too. You jump with A and shoot bubbles with B. Make sure you shoot as many bubbles as fast as you can especially when a horde of monsters is coming your way...

This is an instant classic and a great game to go back to time and again. You don't always need a partner to play through it but you will definitely love the experience more with someone else at your side. This is the perfect game to kill some time at a lazy Saturday afternoon..

 What is there more to say? This is a perfect game in every sense! It's an arcade classic and it's fun to play with someone else. You just can't get any better than this! I highly recommend it!

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