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Posted by : Luis Zena Mar 7, 2014

 So here it is. Another wonderful pirate! This one is actually a hack of Super Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis. It adds more speed, and a new character which happens to be a stronger Ryu. This is definitely one of the more interesting pirates out in fighting terms. Lets check out what it has to offer!

 The music of the game is just amazing and it's only because it's the Capcom soundtrack. They were smart enough to leave it as is. Even though it's a hack, they didn't hack off one of the best parts of the game.

 The graphics are left unchanged for the most part. They do have new graphics for the added characters. It's quite interesting indeed.
 Gameplay takes a new toll as it goes faster than ever before! You wanted turbo? Well, you got it! Also, the game is left untouched for the most part. Hacks can be good too you know...
 It's a fighting game called Street Fighter...Of course you're going to be coming back for it...it's Street Fighter for god's sake!
 The added turbo feature is pretty neat but other than that, it's pretty amazing! I definitely suggest you get it if you ever come across it. You won't be disappointed. I'm just glad we can say some good things about a pirate once in a while..

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