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Posted by : Luis Zena Feb 3, 2014

We are back with the Pirate Game of the week. This one I believe I've mentioned a few times before but can't seem to find the post about it so here we go again. It's Pokemon Stadium for the SNES. That's right, there is a Pokemon Stadium game for the SNES. It's a Hong Kong original so it's quite wicked. Be sure to check out how it does in every category. You can't expect much from pirates but this one delivers a balanced performance. 
 The music of this game is borrowed by Mega Man X3 music. I believe that's one of the only songs in this game, can you believe that? Better yet, it's actually not that bad! HA! The effects of the attacks are mediocre but still sound like the stuff they're supposed to sound if that makes any sense.

The graphics aren't that bad especially when the Pokemon look like Pokemon. You can't complain about that! The names may be all messed up but that's the least of the problems. I'm actually surprised how great the Pokemon look like. The animation is decent at best and the background and graphics are decent as well. This game wasn't put together over night, that's for sure.

The gameplay is interestingly easy! Easy why? Because it's all about timing! If you know how to time your attacks well, then you'll win every time. It's wayyy too easy! Enough said! 

The game is so easy that it only needs one playthrough to discover everything about it. There just isn't enough material to keep going through it over again. The only replay value it might have is with the vs mode. Be ready to lose a friend though... lol!

This game is an interesting piece to have in your shelf, but that's that! I know it'll make people turn heads! They will definitely want to see how it plays! Awww yeahhh!!!


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