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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 1, 2013

Here is a compilation of my best pick ups of this year!

 There was a lot on eBay which I was able to snipe in the last second. This is the result of such lot! With amazing games like Zelda and Castlevania, I was struck with joy! Definitely the best find of January!

 With a very busy schedule, I wasn't able to do much hunting but I was able to pick up this gem of a game. I was sad to realize that there was a huge collector's edition that is worth a big bundle. I tried searching for it at a reasonable price but failed to do so. 

 A very good friend of mine decided to send me a box full of great loot! There were games for all sorts of consoles. It also came with an old school flash cart for the GBA. It was just amazing! The best part of all is that it was free! Another highlight would be a silver modded PS2 slim. I was ecstatic at such an awesome gift from a friend. 


April was packed with finds including Earthbound and a lot of Famicom games. There were just so many new additions and it was definitely hard to pick but Popful Mail by Working Designs won top honors for this month. This is just an obscure masterpiece! I was able to snatch it for an incredible price as well. You want a quality sidescroller? Look no further! Sorry Earthbound, you came close but not close enough! 

May was a month without much going on. I did managed to pick up some Pokemon pirates which are all interesting in their own way. Apparently, they are part of a three part Pokemon game. I'm not sure what's the deal with it, but they seem to be divided into a trilogy of becoming a Pokemon master? or something for that matter. 

June was packed with tons of amazing finds especially with my trip to Peru and it was so tough to pick one! I had finds like Mega Man for Game Gear, Boxed Clear Gameboy, Mega Man Legends 2, etc. The list was long but I was able to pick this loot mainly because they were my first pick ups in Peru, and they meant a lot to me! Everywhere you look, you see gold in this pic! 


July was packed with some great findings at the beginning of the month but nothing after the middle of it. Nevertheless, This Turbo Graphics Express and Grandia made any other find look like nothing. The Turbo Express works great and Grandia is as minty as ever! Two more gems for my collection!

August was packed with even more craziness! I picked up games every other day but this lot really made my day. Having both Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 boxed was always in the agenda for my collection. I still can't believe they are sitting on my shelf looking all pretty and what not! Top honors for this loot! 

This find was pretty epic because it was the first time I've ever owned a NES Complete in a box (Already have the NES 2 boxed but this is the first one!) And it was amazingly cheap. Now, ignore the fact that it came with that Golf game, the box itself still has that new NES smell....it's just gorgeous!!! I love it!!!
 October brought an incredible garage sale find. How often do you find these games??? It was just beautiful!!! Persona 2 was definitely an amazing addition and with that game I was able to complete the set. The chances of finding it in the wild are low so I was happy to just hold it in my hands!

 This was one of the most incredible lots I've ever come across! All beautiful boxed minty games....My heart was about to stop for a second there! There were so many amazing finds this month that it was extremely hard to pick just one. I had picked up Mega Man V for both NES and Gameboy, other lots of games in Titusville like Ghost Lion and Bart vs the World. Even the boxed NES I found in the garbage came into the running for top honors of November but there is no way I can stay away from this. It's a gamers dream lot!! 

So that's it, all my best finds of the year for each respective month. I hope to find even better gems for what's left of 2013~! 

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