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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 6, 2013

 Here are a bunch of new acquisitions! I couldn't fit them in the photo!!! I will of course, take photos of them individually so not to worry. It's always good to hunt with good friends and this is the result! Lets check it out!!!!

Here are some anime DVDs. I'm starting to pick them up just because they're anime and could be fun to watch in a boring afternoon with nothing to do.

I couldn't even fit this on the photo. A nice Dog Bone NES Controller and a Nintendo DSI! Both were five bucks!
Here are some other games. The Sonic DX had Smash Bros inside of it. The import was a very interesting pick up and Double Dragon was just the case.
Here are some more games. The two Saturn games were fifteen which is nice for uncommon Saturn titles. The Battlefront 2 was five bucks while the Mario's Cement Factory was two bucks.
These are Special limited editions of games that were just totally worth a pick up. They don't have the games but that's what Gamestop is good for. Going to complete them that way! 
Finally, some action figures! Bucky O' Hare was a very interesting find. Some Vintage Gijoes are always welcomed!

x4 Gijoes
Bucky O' Hare
x5 Anime DVDs
VMU Dreamcast
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
Nintendo DSI 
Dog Bone NES Controller
Initial D Import (PS3)
Sonic DX (Gamecube)
Smash Bros (Gamecube)
Battlefront 2 (Xbox)
Double Dragon (SMS)
Mario's Cement Factory
Bust a Move 3 (Sega Saturn)
Darius Gaiden (Sega Saturn)

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