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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 9, 2013

So back in 9-9-99 the entire world was introduced to one of the most amazing consoles ever released. It was Sega's last chance to make it big and they did everything right. The only problem was that a little thing called the DVD killed them altogether. The Playstation 2 would come out the next year included with it was a DVD player. That completely killed the Dreamcast and pretty much put it to rest. The console nowadays still holds a part of gamer's hearts mainly because it was the first one to do many things. One of them was online gameplay! 56k modem gaming on a console was unheard of and this little white box did it with style. There have even been games released for it in recent years so don't even think of it as a dead console, it's just another wonderful obscurity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST!!!

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