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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 8, 2013

Here it is! We made it to 600 posts!! It's quite a milestone and it has definitely been an amazing run. Things are just getting started though because I intend to find me some of the more amazing games out there! My collection will keep growing and I will keep documenting all my findings on here as usual. This time around, we have some awesome findings. The Sega Nomad being the most interesting one of them all. It only cost me ten bucks and it works amazingly! I couldn't be happier! There was also a Sears Video Arcade 2 which is an Atari 2600 clone that I thought looked interesting and for 15 bucks I couldn't say no. I also picked up a Nintendo DS lite that needs some work done on it. Finally, Ragnarok Odyssey Collector's edition was acquired at Gamestop. They still had one of them left and it had my name imprinted on it! I couldn't say not especially since it's and RPG and collector's edition! I had a coupon as well so I ended up paying 33 dollars for it which is not bad at all! So that's about it. Lets hit 700 now!!
Ragnarok Odyssey (PSvita)
Sega Nomad
Blue Nintendo DS Lite
Sears Video Arcade 2 

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