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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 2, 2013

Today was a Zelda kinda of day. I got that shirt to wear proudly in front of other nerds. I also got some interesting stuff at the local thrift store. There was the Xbox Kinect that needs some cables to plug into the 360 which I will find. My brother also brought into my attention a bag with Nintendo guides. There were two Zelda guides, two Final Fantasy guides, and one Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes guide. Good stuff! I love the guides. I also got some Master System controllers, a GBA, a Master System game called Outrun, and a Super Mario Galaxy Coin. They were all very unusual finds well except the GBA SP + because I find them everywhere. One more find entry for number 600!!! AWWW YEAHHH!!
Zelda Collection Guide
Final Fantasy 3 Guide
Zelda Wind Waker Guide
Final Fantasy V Guide
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes Guide
Outrun (Master System)
Zelda Hylian Shirt
Super Mario Galaxy Coin 
Light Blue Gameboy SP +
x2 Master System Controllers
Xbox 360 Kinect

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