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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 30, 2013

This is me holding my first ever console! It's none other than then NES. I had so many adventures with this amazing console. It still works to this day but it barely runs the games. I decided to retire it over five years ago. The console itself has stickers and a list of my favorite NES games during that time all over it. Memories will forever be stamped on this wonderful peripheral.


I also fixed one of my PS3 constrollers. The analog stick was broken so it was pretty simple. Closing the controller was a bit of a hassle but oh well. It's done!

Here is a very familiar face from the Ducktales game! It's Scrudge Mc Duck! He is sure greedy! I'm loving the remastered version that was recently released. It's radical indeed!
My mom gave me this box which looked sad so I decided to give it a retro touch! I added some of my favorite video game characters on it. Of course, there are more but that's what the sides of the box are for! Don't you agree of its awesomeness?
Thank you for checking out my post of my randomness of the past week! I will definitely be putting these together more often ^_^ Till next time gamers!

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