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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 1, 2013

 This is an awesome loot!~ I finally found a SNES mini and one of the most awesome looking Game-pak cases ever!!!I also picked up other neat items so lets go through then entire loot of goodies!
 This is by far my favorite of them all! Isn't it awesome??? It can hold up to 16 games of various consoles! There is enough room!
 The elusive PS1 with LCD screen combo! Can't get any cooler than this!
 Here are some games from various consoles. Final Doom looks rad!
 THE SNES MINI! To be honest, it's not that much smaller than the SNES....and to be real honest, I love the original SNES design more!
 Here are some cool games. The ace being the Zelda gamecube game. A nice steal indeed!
Yellow things together look cute! Here are some 32x Boxed games as well as a controller and Pokemon Yellow! Yellow stuff is hawt!
Yellow Nintendo 64 controller
Pokemon Yellow (GB)
Virtua Fighter (32x)
Star Wars (32x)
Ghost in the Shell (PS2)
Zelda Master Collection (Gamecube)
Timesplitters 2 (Gamecube)
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3 (Gamecube)
Drakengard (PS2)
SNES Mini Console
Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)
Dragon Ball Z (Xbox 360)
Final Doom (PS1)
Helicopter (GEN)
Xbox 360 Headset
PS1 with LCD Screen
Game-pak Case

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