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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 15, 2013

So here is a little tip for any of you gamers out there who have controllers that are not responding to your pushes. The problem can be as simple as the inside of the controller being dirty. Yes, I have been able to fix many controllers with the simple fix. The best thing to do is to open the controller and clean them with some q-tips and alcohol. Be sure not to get the board too wet though, and clean them thoroughly. Also, the buttons could use a cleaning as well. Take them off and be sure to know which one goes where. Some of these controllers and joysticks are very picky on where the little parts go so be careful. The only thing left is to put it back together and cross your fingers! If your controller doesn't work, there is very little left to do. All in all, if it's some kind of rare controller or joystick I suggest you get a new one or just swap the case of the rare controller shell! That sounds fair huh? That is if the insides are the same. 

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