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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 16, 2013

We are back with yet another awesome session of a pirate game pick. There are many Dragon Ball games released on various platforms. Lets face it, this is the most popular anime series in the world so there is bound to be pirates of the series out there. This one is not joke and it's actually decent. Why don't we take a look at Dragon Ball GT Final Bout for the Sega Genesis.

The music is decent for the game. It's nothing crazy or by any means try to mimic the ones from the Playstation counterpart but they are there. The sound effects do sound recycled from other games so there is not much to say about them since I'm pretty sure you have heard them all before especially if you have played your share of fighter games. 

The graphics are quite good for the game. The backgrounds are solid but not that animated. The characters look exactly how they are supposed to look so there are no surprises there. The game definitely looks good.

The gameplay is very decent as well. Usually fighting bootlegs are weak in this department but this game fares quite well. There are even special attacks you can perform and you can raise your ki and charge up so you don't get exhausted from all the fire power you throw at your opponent. 

The game is just like any other fighting game and can be quite fun fighting against a friend. 
The game can be a really neat item to have in your collection. It's one of those games you can boot up and play with friends or by yourself and still have a good time. You'll definitely enjoy it! 

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