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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 25, 2013

A little bump to my car was all the luck I needed to find these awesome gems! I'm extremely happy with today's findings and I can tell you that my shoppe is going to be packing with most of these items! Lets take a look at all of these new additions.
Here is a complete in box clear original Game Boy! It's mondo cool!

I always had a liking to these action figures / models of anime series such as Gundam Wing. They are so articulated! It's incredible! Amazingly, all of them came complete! I love the one with the wings...
I picked up some of these games which I can only remember not ever seeing them. Dino Land is definitely interesting and well, Decap Attack has peculiar artwork.
Finally, I found a boxed 3DO game which is rare in these parts of the hood! Also, a boxed Mario Kart DS and a fat Nintendo DS. They weren't cheap but totally worth the investment.

Now, I shall wait for Thursday as I will have another shot at a flea market hunt! Game on!

Silver Nintendo DS FAT
Mario Kart DS (NDS)
Blade Force (3DO)
James Pond 2 (GEN)
Dino Land (GEN)
Decap Attack (GEN)
x6 Gundam Wing Action Figures 
Clear Original Game Boy Complete

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