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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 8, 2013

 Everything must always come to an end. Here are my final finds from my trip to such an awesome country! I met so many new characters, ate some amazing food, and found some wicked awesome games! I'm definitely going to come back sooner than you think! Here are the final array of pirates I got! Recognize some of them? There is a lot to love! I wanna thank all my retro gamer friends in Lima for such an awesome time. Hunting with them was an incredible experience and I hope to be back in the hunt for good!
The final purchase is this one! Pocket Monsters Blue!!!
Super Mario Bros 2J (FC)
Rockman 3 (FC)
Battletoads (FC)
Street Fighter 2 (FC)
Super Mario Bros 6 (FC)
Multi-cart (FC)
Pokemon Blue (Gameboy)
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