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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 8, 2013

"Finally… Every aspect of Pokemon Ultra Violet Version is finished. The Player’s Guide has also been completed. While making the Player’s Guide, it was a good time to test EVERY event, and find all the glitches.
You may have noticed some glitches in previous versions such as:
  • No Pokemon were in the “Steel Maze” in the 4-points Catacombs.
  • The statues in the Pokemon Mansion did nothing (game ending glitch).
  • Kabuto could not be revived.
  • Sneasle and Zigzagoon were not in the game.
  • Many other small glitches (text issues or sound errors).
All of these and MANY more were fixed…
Also, some new events were added:
  • Celebi has his own event.
  • Defeating Celebi (not catching) gains you an egg containing a Pichu with volt tackle.
  • Defeating the Elite Four re-spawns a defeated (not caught) Celebi
  • BuriedAlive has been added (not in the Player’s Guide, read the lore to find him)
  • A few text modifications have also been made such as Oak’s speech after you beat the Elite Four.
It is all up for download on the RHDN Project Page, and the Player’s Guide (whether you use it or not) is also in the .rar file for download."

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