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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 19, 2013

It's time for another pirate and this one is a tough one! Mortal Kombat V for the Sega Genesis is a headache. Not only was the original Sub-Zero game tough, but this port to the Sega Genesis takes it to another level! If you want a bloody challenge, here you go! 
So the music is pretty much non-existent but there are sound effects. They are crappy as you might have guessed from a pirate. You can tell there is some suffering going on though...
The graphics are pretty good. The game could've fooled me for a PS1 game and that's saying a lot coming from a pirate in a 16-bit console. The levels are identical to the original but you will have to be on guard for new tricks in this one. No cut-scenes with crappy actors on this one.
The gameplay is tough! It's so tough, it's actually fun. You have to be so careful every step of the way. Believe me, you will need all your skills. The controls aren't that favorable so that's even another challenge! Ugh, the agony! 
This game is definitely no good for a replay. The game is just so tough and frustrating that coming back to it will be unlikely. Even if you somehow manage to beat the game, you will not come back to it, I guarantee it! 
This one is a challenge. Although the game may have some faults, it's still quite a challenge. There is only one question left which is: Will you take the challenge of MK5 pirate? It might take you a week to finish or a day depending on your skills, just try it! Till next week! 

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