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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 4, 2013

Har har har! Here we have another pirate game to add to the list. The thing is, pirate games can be either a big flop (Most of the time) or a really kewl thing to play. Unfortunately, it'll depend on which way you look at the game to realize if you are playing a piece of crap or something worth keeping around. Nevertheless, I are here to revise each title and tell you my opinion! Wario Land 3... did it really needed the 3 after the title? I'm guessing this game was released during the Game Boy Color era when Wario Land games were taking over the portable world. Without further interruption, we break down Wario Land 3! ARRR!!!
My own label art for the game

There is nothing about the music of this game that reminds me of Wario games. Of course, this is a hack of some weird ass beach game. It definitely doesn't feel like a Nintendo game either. I'm not surprised since it is for the Sega Genesis :p

Other than the title screen and the Wario sprite, I don't think there is anything else that was changed. I guess you have to give it to the pirates that at least Wario's clothes are right. He still looks a little umm weird? I mean look at him, it looks like he took a big shit in his pants and therefore walks funny...poor Wario..
The gameplay is annoying which is a shame because I'm actually criticizing the original game's gameplay. It's just very frustrating not being able to stomp on enemies and kill them. I mean Wario would tackle them but he is one useless weirdo in this one. You have to gather items to get over obstacles... bleh gameplay...

The Replay value is at the negative numbers! You only want to play this game on a drunken night and only to tell your friends "Oh here is an oddity, it's Wario Land 3 for the Genesis!" Of course, that will only work if your friends are drunk! HA!

As I mentioned before, pirates are either a huge win or a big flop. This one is a flop into hell! It's definitely worth picking up to have on your shelf as a book holder but then again there aren't any books small enough to make this possible. I do suggest you get a copy for cheap if you can. You can also check out my copy that I custom made and all :p

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