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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 27, 2013

 Here is a new haul of gaming goodness. Here we have a SNES with cables and three controllers, 2 Gamecube games, lot of Genesis games, and a PS1 Soccer game. Nothing major but better than nothing.

 Here is a sweet looking SNES. it came with everything and has been tested and works. I also picked up this pirate Soccer game. It's nothing major. It's as stated, the name of the cart which is Striker.

Here are two Cube titles that I'm sure many of you know! Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I was thinking of selling these but you know what? I'm going to keep them!

Here are some Genesis games that will be used for creation if you know what I mean ^_^

I thought this game was something special but I was wrong! BOOOOO!!! Lame David Beckham crap! 
Super Smash Bros (Gamecube)
Mario Kart (Gamecube)
David Beckham Soccer (PS1)
Striker (SNES)
SNES console with cables and three controllers
x2 Sonic 2 (Genesis)
x2 Jurassic Park (Genesis)
Beauty and the Beast (Genesis)
Pitfall (Genesis)
Sonic (Genesis)
Where is Waldo? (Genesis)
x2 Lame Football Games (Genesis)

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