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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 20, 2013

Another mailday with some goodies! The Sharp Twin Famicom is totally amazing! I finally have this awesome console that I've been wanting for a long time! It also came with some extras, like Super Mario Bros 2J disk, adapter to plug in your NES controller, and a Famicom to NES adapter. They all work flawlessly! That's not all, I also got three NES repros which are Samurai Pizza Cats, Rockman Exile, and Moon Crystal. The game Moon Crystal is a beauty and quite challenging! The other two are really neat as well. Good times ahead... Don't mind my cat ^_^'
Sharp Twin Famicom Console
Super Mario Bros 2J (FDS)
Controller Adapter
Famicom to NES Converter
Moon Crystal (NES)
Rockman Exile (NES)
Samurai Pizza Cats (NES)

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