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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 11, 2013

 I got a nice package in the mail and there is definitely something amazing in it because it came from Japan! My set of Famicom Disk System games have arrived! These are really awesome and totally worth it. Many of you already know of my love for the Disk System but I'm sure many of you ask why? I mean, to play most of the games you have to be in front of the console and switch the side of the disks from A to B and B to A. Is all that work worth it? I say yes it is! Lets check out what we got in this lot.

The kewl thing about this lot is that all games worked perfectly. I'm very happy about that! There are a total of 29 disks in this lot and I'm happy that most of them came with their cover art. I've been wanting some of these for a while.

So I here is the first lot of games. There are some notables in here like Bio Miracle and Eggerland...too many to mention...

Goonies was in one of the disks even though I don't have the cover art for it. I never knew this game came out for Disk System. You learn new things every day.

Here is another lot of games including Dead Zone and Fire Bam. I'm not sure about others in this lot.

These are the games with no labels. There is a Mario 2 and Doki Doki Panic in there. Good stuff ^_^

This game has a really cute cover art! I love it!! There are other games that I want to cover art for. Little by little, I will have them all! That's it for this find, only four more left for the grand 500th find! Oh yeah, I booked my trip to Peru next month so who knows? Maybe that will be the 500th post but then again it's a month away and I have a lot of hunting left to do before my trip. Happy hunting retro gamers!
 Doki Doki Panic (FDS)
Super Mario Bros 2 (FDS)
Dead Zone (FDS)
Goonies (FDS)
Fire Bam (FDS)
Eggerland (FDS)
bio miracle bokutte upa (FDS)
and more!!! 

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