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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 1, 2013

 Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to post my Easter Day findings as it's quite a special day. There is nothing like the flea market and even though there are times that I come out short, there are times like this that I come out finding amazing stuff! In this pic, you can see a lot of things but I should warn you that the Genesis games aren't that major, they are just common carts I will be using for repros. Then you have Super Metroid, some Xbox games including Ultra Bust-a-move and Xenogears box for the PS1(Still need the game). Finally, a hidden N64 controller and the boxed Game Gear. This aren't all my finds though, check out the rest!

I picked up this Atari 2600 mainly because it looks awesome and definitely smaller than the other version. Apparently, this version of the 2600 came out when the NES was released to sort of compete against them. Sorry Atari, but you were already defeated by the time the NES came out mainly because of the Crash.

I got me a SNES. Isn't it beautiful? I have one that I put away in storage and was too lazy to get it so I bought another one. You can never have enough SNES right? Lots of fun times ahead!
Here are two interesting controllers. I don't even have room for these but being the collector that I am, I had to have them! The boxes are a little beat up but the controllers are mint!
This is definitely the ace of the findings from today and it wasn't even purchased, I actually traded some other stuff I found earlier the day for it. I always wanted a boxed Game Gear! This one is in great shape and the Game Gear actually works!

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