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Finds 513: Sega is very alive indeed! King of Fighters 98, Aleste aka Musha, and Street Fighter 3

By : famicomfreak
Here are three more games for the Sega Genesis. They are Aleste which is actually Musha, King of Fighters 98 which is a very neat pirate, and Street Fighter 3 which is a hacked version of Street Fighter 2. I personalized the labels myself :p Like?
Aleste aka Musha (Genesis)
King of Fighters 98 (Genesis)
Street Fighter 3 (Genesis)

Retro-bit of the day 117: Tetris (Genesis)

By : famicomfreak
So many of you have missed out on this gem of a game, I know I have myself until recently. I was able to produce this game with ease and now it'll be one key addition to my collection! I love Tetris! 

Manual Monday 005: Super Mario Bros (NES)

By : famicomfreak
A classic manual for everyone's liking! This is Super Mario Bros and who can forget this awesome manual anyways? I remember having the 3 in 1 Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt/ Track Meet and I will never forget the time I went page by page checking out its awesomeness. I ended up losing the manual but nowadays, I have like 20 of them so it's alright lol!

Finds 512: Sega Resurrection! Tetris, Tecmo Cup, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario Bros 2, and Kunio-kun Soccer

By : famicomfreak
Here are some of my new games. I made the labels myself and I think I did a decent job. All the games are the ones you see in the labels, this is no BS! I'm going to be gaming a lot of Sega tonight!

Ninja Gaiden (Genesis)
Tecmo Cup (Genesis)
Tetris (Genesis)
Kunio-Kun Soccer (Genesis)
Super Mario Bros 2 (Genesis)

Retro-bit of the day 116: Tear Ring Saga (PS1)

By : famicomfreak
Here is a Japanese import Playstation 1 RPG. Is that too much to handle? Then stay away from it! This is definitely one interesting game but you will need a whole lot of Japanese to be able to get through this one. You have been warned!

Sega Saturday 003: Sega Genesis 3

By : famicomfreak
This is one neat console. The Sega Genesis 3 saves you a lot of space! It's definitely something to have in your collection. I might be switching this with my CDX to test out the games I get, that is, only for testing purposes.

Retro-bit of the day 115: Blue GBA

By : famicomfreak
Today's retro-bit is none other than the GBA but in blue. This is a model that came out later on the lifetime of the handheld. It's just the same thing but in blue...colors do make a difference don't they? NOT!

Finds 511: Castle of Deceit and a Gallore of Gaming Goodness!

By : famicomfreak

 Here are my hauls from my last hunt to the flea market. There is a lot of love! Lets check it out!

Here are some interesting items. The Wizard on DVD is finally mine! I normally don't buy DVDs but when they are based on video games, I have to have them! There are also two guides for two awesome RPG games which are Chrono Cross and Saga Frontier. The Atari 2600 I'm not even sure why I bought it. It's just taking up space.... bleh
I got one of these to fix my CDs and DVDs! I can't say enough of how much I missed having one of these. I also picked up those two action figures for my set.

Here is a whole line up of gaming goodness. I picked all of these for 20 bucks! Yeah, there is a little bit of everything including Grandia 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sword of Bezerk. Too many games to mention...Oh yeah, there is also that Xbox 360 camera I picked up for a mere three dollars.
Here are some Genesis games that are going to be sacrificed to make something amazing out of them well except the Sonic Workshop game and the Batman and Robin game, those I'm keeping. I got them all for 20 bucks while the PS2 Network adapter was five bucks and the memory card for the cube was two bucks.

Finally, here is the best find of the hunt. I picked up Castle of Deceit for a mere five bucks without knowing how valuable it really is. I always pick up pirate/unlicensed stuff so this time around, it came in handy! I also picked up Ghoul School and Maniac Mansion for five bucks a piece. These finds made my day! It was a successful hunt after all.

Castle of Deceit (NES)
Maniac Mansion (NES)
Ghoul School (NES)
Sonic Workshop (Genesis)
Batman and Robin (Genesis)
Lion King (Genesis)
Aladdin (Genesis)
Virtual Pool (Genesis)
Hard Drivin (Genesis)
x2 Sports titles (Genesis)
50 + Disc Only Games
Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Grandia 2 (PS1)
Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube)
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
Xbox 360 Web Cam
x2 Pokemon action figures
Atari 2600 Console Only
Skip Dr
The Wizard (DVD)
Saga Frontier Guide (PS1)
Chrono Cross Guide (PS1)

Retro Gaming News 192: Juvei Quest Translation Released!

By : famicomfreak

"Today aishsha has released his translation for Juvei Quest after a long hiatus. The game was developed by Birthday, the people behind Dream Master and several other excellent RPGs. On the outside, the game is your average DQ clone in a Japanese setting, but the game has a surprising amount of depth and goodies that really makes it stand out."

Finds 510: More Loot! SNES, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Others

By : famicomfreak
 Here is a new haul of gaming goodness. Here we have a SNES with cables and three controllers, 2 Gamecube games, lot of Genesis games, and a PS1 Soccer game. Nothing major but better than nothing.

 Here is a sweet looking SNES. it came with everything and has been tested and works. I also picked up this pirate Soccer game. It's nothing major. It's as stated, the name of the cart which is Striker.

Here are two Cube titles that I'm sure many of you know! Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I was thinking of selling these but you know what? I'm going to keep them!

Here are some Genesis games that will be used for creation if you know what I mean ^_^

I thought this game was something special but I was wrong! BOOOOO!!! Lame David Beckham crap! 
Super Smash Bros (Gamecube)
Mario Kart (Gamecube)
David Beckham Soccer (PS1)
Striker (SNES)
SNES console with cables and three controllers
x2 Sonic 2 (Genesis)
x2 Jurassic Park (Genesis)
Beauty and the Beast (Genesis)
Pitfall (Genesis)
Sonic (Genesis)
Where is Waldo? (Genesis)
x2 Lame Football Games (Genesis)

Finds 509: Gamecube with Gameboy Player, Dig Dug, and a Couple of Gameboys

By : famicomfreak
Here are some new additions! I hit the thrift store and came up with some kewl new findings. Nothing major but definitely good stuff. I love the Gamecube bag though. I can carry my Gamecube everywhere and well there was a Gamecube inside of it. The Dig Dug was a good pick up as well.

See? Here is the Cube and it came with a Gameboy player! I need a disc though but I have an extra one to test it out. Good stuff ^_^
Gamecube with Bag and Gameboy Player
Blue Gameboy Advanced
Pink Gameboy SP +
Dig Dug (Atari)

Retro-bit of the day 113: Little League Baseball (NES)

By : famicomfreak
This is one awesome game. I'm not even sure when I picked this game up but I'm glad it's in my collection! SNK made a lot of quality games including this one and the Baseball Stars series...gotta love it!

Finds 508: Pokemon Chinese Originals! These are awesome!

By : famicomfreak
Here are some kick ass Pokemon games for the Famicom! Yes, that's right! I love picking these up whenever I get a chance. They are just so kewl to play through. They seem to be a trilogy as each one is numbered 1,2, and 3 respectively. I do have a double for part 1 which I will probably trade! ^_^
x2 Pocket Monsters 1 (FC)
Pocket Monsters 2 (FC)
Pocket Monsters 3 (FC)

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