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Posted by : Luis Zena Mar 9, 2013

"Vs. Super Mario Bros. is the arcade version of Super Mario Bros., released on the NES-based Vs. System hardware in 1986. It features altered stage and enemy layouts, increased difficulty, configurable extra life and timer speed settings, and a high score table.
This patch allows the game to be run on a standard MMC1 cart with 8KB SRAM. No custom hardware required!
It also adds the following features:

  • Pre-game menu that allows you to set dipswitches and reset the high scores
  • High score retention (when using battery-backed SRAM)
  • Correct NES colors (Vs. hardware used RGB PPUs with scrambled colors)
The patch has been tested on the PowerPak and works flawlessly. It should also work on any other flash cart or copier with MMC1 support."

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