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Retro-bit of the day 058: Tecmo Bowl (NES)

By : famicomfreak
This is one of the best football games of all time. If you haven't played this game then what are you waiting for? It's just that awesome and we have yearly hacks of the game with edited teams that coordinate with the rosters of the same season! Amazing indeed! 

Finds 471: Etrian Odyssey 4 (3DS)

By : famicomfreak

Today is Etrian Odyssey 4 release date! The game that Atlus has been teasing me with for months is finally in my collection. Now, the problem will be having the time to play it. With midterms around the corner, I have to use my time wisely so that I don't mess up with my exams. I will give it a couple of weeks before I try it out....I know, it's sad!
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Retro-bit of the day 057: Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)

By : famicomfreak
This is such an awesome game. You can't get enough of little mac taking on the world. The whole line up of freaks is awaiting little mac and doc with many challenges. Not even running in a pink work out suit makes little mac stronger...what else is there to do?

Retro-bit of the day 056: Golden Game Boy Pocket

By : famicomfreak
The Game Boy took many shapes and sizes. There are definitely over 50 different models out there so it's definitely a very collectible handheld. You can't get enough of this little monster. With many great titles throughout its lifetime, the handheld will be remembered for years to come. This is the golden edition! 

Retro-bit of the day 055: Commander Keen -Keen Dreams- (PC)

By : famicomfreak
This is one amazing series. Many old PC gamers will definitely familiarize themselves with this gem. The Commander Keen games are known as the Mario of the golden PC era. If you haven't played it, I highly suggest it. You will get a taste of the delicious DOS sound and graphics. You can't get any more retro than this! 

Finds 470: Umjammer Lammy (PS1)

By : famicomfreak

Here is a really kewl game that I wanted to play for a while. It's the successor of Parappa the Rapper except with a Guitar taste! If you haven't played it, then you have to especially for music game fanatics. Unjammer Lammy is definitely a good entertaining choice!

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Retro-bit of the day 054: Tetris (GB)

By : famicomfreak
Here is a gem of a game that filled my childhood with lots of joy. The game is none other than Tetris! The legendary Game Boy version became famous mainly because the game was a pack in with the handheld. What a genius idea huh? Well done Nintendo! 

Retro-bit of the day 053: Stack-Up (NES)

By : famicomfreak
Stack up is the shadow of Gyromite. Both games are as crappy as you might have guessed. This game came itself in a big box which is really hard to find. I hope to find me the boxed version in the future. You never know! 

Retro-bit of the day 052: Zelda 2 The Adventures of Link (FDS)

By : famicomfreak
Here is a little gem that many people did not like. The game in Japan was only released for the Disk System so many gamers would have to get the Disk System add-on to play it. Not much of a loss really as this game can be frustrating and you definitely have guts if you are able to beat the game. 

Retro-bit of the day 051: Operation Wolf (FC)

By : famicomfreak

Here is another Famicom title. This one is nothing amazing but still lots of fun to play. The game was also released in the US with the same name. Sometimes it's good for them to have the same name so we don't get surprised when we purchases an import with a totally different name only to find that we are playing the same game! Especially if it's a crappy game! Blasphemy! 

Zelda Commercial that started it all! Radical Factor to the Max!

By : famicomfreak

I'm sure many of you are familiar with this awesome commercial. As lame as it may sound or look, I think this is one of the more original NES commercials in history. Haven't seen it? Well, here is your chance!

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Happy 27th Birthday Link! The Legend of Zelda was born!

By : famicomfreak
It's exactly 27 years ago that the Legend of Zelda was released for the 8-bit gem. We can't express enough how thankful we are for the endless games we have gotten of this franchise. It's definitely a legend and I can't wait for the next adventure. Happy Birthday Link! ^_^

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Wreck it Ralph Digital Download!

By : famicomfreak

I'm a little late on the news but just though some of you might not know of the release of Wreck it Ralph in digital download form. For only 19.99, you can enjoy one of the most amazing video-game related movies ever created! This is definitely my favorite Disney movie ever and will be getting the physical box set coming March 5th. I also got this copy just because I love the movie so much! If you haven't seen it, now it's the time! Click here to visit Disney for more details on where to purchase this masterpiece. Every video game fanatic must watch this movie!

Resident Evil 1.5 Released! Playstation Prototype Sees the Light of Day

By : famicomfreak

It's about time for this game to see the light of day. There were many photos, rumors, and even videos of this forgotten gem. The details are not fully known as of yet but the fact is that the ISO has been released! You should get it to play it on an emulator or burn it if you still have your moded PS1. This is definitely one of the more interesting releases so far this year and I'm sure any retro gamer and Resident Evil fan will not want to miss this forgotten adventure. Be sure to check out the link for more info and download link. There are a lot more photos and videos of the game to check out.
The game does contain some bugs but you can't really blame the game since it is a prototype. I'm thinking of making my own custom CD with a nice label of this gem. It will definitely be awesome to have it in my collection, burnt and all!
Take a look at this bloody room. That's definitely Resident Evil like! 

It's always nice to see beautiful women on portraits. Seeing info like this definitely makes me want to play some good old PS1 games. I do need to hunt for them now! Hmm...Playstation 4 life! 

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EverdDrive-N8 RAM cartridge for Famicom/NES with microSD interface

By : famicomfreak
Here we have a very interesting gadget. It's a flash cartridge for the Famicom. It's definitely something a Famicom fan must have! It's called the Everdrive and it's so worth the 109 dollars it costs. There are a lot of other different carts for different consoles so I suggest you check them out here. Here is some info on this awesome cart as well as a compatibility chart:

EverdDrive-N8 Features:
  • Famicom, NES, and Twin Famicom systems are supported.* Many NES/FC clones supported as well.
  • Cart supports NES and FDS ROM images.
  • Automatic disk side swap for FDS.
  • Expansion audio.**
  • Game Genie cheat code support.
  • Automatically backs-up saves to microSD card. There is no need to push reset before shutting down the system.***
  • Mapper support can be extended via software updates. As easy as loading new mappers files on microSD card.
  • FAT / FAT16 / FAT32 file system formats are supported.
  • Supports microSD (SD & SDHC) cards up to 32GB.
  • Quick loading of game files (approx. 4-8 seconds).
  • USB port for home-brew and mappers development (optional).
EverdDrive-N8 hardware:
  • Powerful Cyclone II FPGA.
  • 2 x 512Kbyte SRAM for PRG and CHR data.
  • 128Kbyte battery backed memory. It write save data to microSD.
  • Max II CPLD to handle FPGA reconfiguration, BIOS, SD and USB interfaces.
  • 1Mbyte flash BIOS.
  • Voltage shift buffers on PPU and CPU bus for matching levels between 5v NES bus and 3.3 EverDrive bus. Far better than simple resistor buffers at reducing noise and power consumption.
* Famicom version of cart requires Famicom to NES adapter to be used with NES. NES version of cart requires NES to Famicom adapter to be used withFamicom.
** Only Famicom can output expansion sound without modification. NES systems require modification to support this feature.
*** FDS is the only exception, user should push the reset button on system to get back to main menu before than shutting down the system, otherwise FDS save data will be lost."
Be sure to check it out! Other console carts are available as well!

Retro-bit of the day 049: Mortal Kombat 4 (GBC)

By : famicomfreak
This game is not as bad as the GBA version and believe me, the GBA version is just awful. Nevertheless, it's definitely an interesting game but I rather you stick with console fighter games. It's just not the same in a tiny screen...

Retrobeat Tuesdays 038: Unjammer Lammy Stage 3

By : famicomfreak

This is one of the kewlest music games for the PS1. This is the predecessor to Parappa the Rapper and a real fun game indeed. A lot of people missed out on this one but I highly recommend it. I recommend it so much that I went to eBay and bought me a copy even though I already have one somewhere...too lazy to look :p

Ads from the past 249: WWF WrestleMania (NES)

By : famicomfreak

Hulk Hogan has not changed much in all these years. From the Rocky Movie, to the Rent a Center Commercials, this dude has always had a niche for publicity. Isn't there a porno with him as well? He lives in Miami nowadays which is interesting because I might bump into him and try to wrestle him! 

Retro Gaming News 181: Biomotor Unitron 2 (Translation)(ENG)(NGPC)

By : famicomfreak

"Biomotor Unitron 2 - SKikouseki Unitron was released in Japan in 2000. After SNK’s bankruptcy the title failed to reach its way over stateside. With a little luck we’ll have a complete package ready for your enjoyment within the coming months. The game gives you everything you wished the 1st Unitron title did. For example, choosing a specific partner gives you a completely different Unitron to use, instead of being stuck with just one and modifying it from there.
I will be going slight graphical overhauls of the intro and the attributes or affinities (per Biomotor 1), to display as fire, ground, tree, water, light, darkness etc.
Except a lot of awesomeness coming down the line very soon from Wynd productions. Ha!"

Finds 469 Part 2: Retro Gaming Challenge and Etrian Odyssey 2!

By : famicomfreak
Here we have some new additions. After I got a hair cut, I decided to check if there was anything of interest at Gamestop which was the store next door anyways. I picked these two games for 14 bucks! They are cheap and best of all, complete! With Etrian Odyssey 4 on the horizon, this should hold me over! 
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