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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 2, 2013

The pick of the week is back! This time around, we take a look at this classic of classics! Mike Tyson's Punch Out for the NES put Nintendo on top of the sporting world. Before there were the Mario Karts and Mario Tennis there was Punch Out! You couldn't have a NES without this title. It's still fun to this day so lets take a quick look at why it's so great. 

The musical score of this game is quite astounding. Did I mentioned there are only a couple of songs in the entire game? Well, they do the right job that's for sure. The music will get you pumped up while the sound effects will reflect on how well you are doing in the fight. Be sure to tap the buttons real fast if you want to get up and fight again! You have been warned...
The graphics are great as well as the animation. They will keep you entertained even if you have beaten the game over and over. That's what makes this game a classic. The characters are well animated and even though the game takes place in the same ring, you will feel in a totally different atmosphere as you move on in the game. Beautifully done!
The gameplay is where this game tops over all other categories. This game is so much fun to pick up and play, it's just a very challenging experience. If you want to reach Mike Tyson, you must defeat an array of freaks on your way to the top. Can you handle the challenge?

The replay value is top notch. There is no way you will stay away from this game for long periods of time. If you want to let out some steam, then this is the game to do it with! Punch away your opponents and knock them out. Find new secret techniques and learn the enemy's moves so you can defeat them easier!

To conclude, there is no doubt about the awesomeness of Punch Out. I'm sure you have seen everywhere how amazing this game is but the fact is that it's not only great for use older gamers but fun for any new comers so if you have kids and they play video games then introduce them to this game if you haven't! The SNES one is also fun! Till next week! 

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