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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 11, 2013

Here is today's pick. It's Dragon Ball Final Bout for the Playstation. The game is actually the import but was released here in the states back in 1997. The game was then re-released in 2004 but it didn't had the intro like the original one. Now that's totally lame but I guess that's understandable since the Dragon Ball series was really famous and they wanted to leech as much money out of it as possible. The game is not amazing but it was all that we had back then. My friend has a PS1 with a mod-chip that would be plugged in the back but it was so crappy that the game wouldn't work half the time. Imports were really tough to acquire back then so this was the most amazing stuff ever! Once the game started working, we went nuts over who was going to play first. Ahh good old days...

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