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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 2, 2013

Welcome to another crappy pirate title! That's so mean of me, not all of them are crappy but some do make you want to rip your eyes off. This one is called Mortal Kombat 2 Special. I'm not sure what's so special about it but I can tell you my opinion on why you might want to avoid this one. Lets check it out...

The game music is awful. You would think after a billion of crappy pirate ports that they would actually get this right. I was so wrong! Any fan of a fighting game will find this game devastating to their ears....Craptastic! 

The graphics are ok, they at least look remotely on what they are..you know background wise and character wise. I will give them that as they were good enough to put the right pieces together. It still won't make up on how weak it performs in the other fields.

Oh boy, the gameplay is atrocious and just unplayable. In fact, if you find one of the many bugs in the game, you can actually beat the game with no effort at all. The lack on unbalanced gameplay is really annoying and unfair! 

The game is quite good for one time and one time only! The game should then be used as a coaster for the rest of its pathetic life! Better yet, open the game up and turn it into a decent game repro style! What I'm trying to say is that it's not worth a replay! 

I wouldn't pay more than a dollar for this game but there are collector's out there that would pay up for 30 dollars for this piece of junk. I guess the love of the game can take us too far into madness! I suggest you play this emulator only! If you still somehow find it appealing then get yourself a copy. It might make a very nice gift to the Mortal Kombat fan in the family.

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