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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 30, 2013

There is always something missing in my mornings as I head to campus. What is it? It's right there in the photo! A nice cup of Mocha Javalanche! It's amazing how addicted I have become to this drink. It's just what I need every morning before I head off to all my classes. There is no doubt that without this magical drink I would be in the gutter under some boxes gasping for air. The aroma of the coffee beans awakes most of my senses while waiting in line. Finally, when my drink is ready, I tend to take my time with it. That's when I took this shot of it next to my Nintendo bag. It's a little way of sharing my joy of gaming with my joy for a mocha drink. I could sure go for one of those right about now with its viscous texture and deliberating taste...I want one!! AHHH!!!

How do you retro gamers and gamers alike start your morning huh?

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