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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 2, 2013

I know is a little late but here are my Christmas gifts related to video gaming or vintage characters ^_^
First of all, we have the SNES Campus Challenge Reproduction. It is quite kewl but I'm afraid I'll have to leave it sealed as it's a collector's item! Next is the Mario statue that holds your 3DS...well I had a better idea to use it for which I will post about later. I also got a copy of Final Fantasy for the 3DS. It's the musical game with all the classic (Well some of them) songs from the various games. Finally, TMNT vintage boxers! They are radical alright! But that's not all....
I also got this Retro Handheld which plays SNES and NES games! The NES games can be played with this long adapter which makes it look odd but still kewl. The SNES games connect on top with no problem and play great! The handheld also comes with a rechargeable battery. A totally neat gift! Stay tune for part 2! 

SNES Campus Challenge 1992 Repro (SNES)
Retro Handheld 
TMNT Boxers!
Mario Statue
Final Fantasy (3DS)

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